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Announcing a Seminar on

Islam vs. Christianity


Union Church of Christ

located 1 mile east of the intersection of Hwy. 36 & 67

April 1-4, 2012

Sunday at 9:30, 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m.

Monday—Wednesday at 7 p.m.



Burt Jones, a native of Alabama, spent most of his life as an Episcopalian, was a combat officer during the Vietnam era, and has a business background.  Upon obeying the gospel, he began his preacher training and is a graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education from Jacksonville State University and a Master of Arts degree in Middle Eastern History from Youngstown State University and now lives in Diamond, Ohio and is the father of three children and four grandchildren.   

Burt is composer of the hymn, “Safe In His Arms” and instructs the popular four-part video series on music fundamentals, Singing with Grace.  He is author of A Practical Handbook for Singing and Song-leading, published by the Firm Foundation Publishing House and Shadowland, Islam Behind the Veil, published by Publishing Designs, Inc. in Huntsville. He has co-authored Diamonds in the Rough with Dr. Brad Harrub and Here It Is In Black and White with John Shannon.  Burt has spoken at the Air Force Academy, at Camp David symposiums and on television, radio and the Gospel Broadcasting Network.


Burt Jones 2012 Seminar on Islam vs. Christianity

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