The Trouble With The Truth

When Paul stood in the midst of Mars’ Hill and spoke to the sophists of Areopagus concerning “The Unknown God,” he quoted one of their own poets to emphasize the nature of God (Acts 17:28). Normally, the words of man are not useful in teaching spiritual lessons. Especially is this true in the realm of popular music. But occasionally a song comes along that lends itself to such a use. One song that is now popular on the country charts is entitled, “The Trouble With The Truth.” The words of the song speak volumes concerning the nature of truth.

The song laments that the trouble with the truth is “it’s always the same old thing.” Here is the attitude of so many in our society today. Many are willing to change the truth to what they want to hear. Whether it be in the sphere of morality or in the realm of religious matters, truth is rejected for something that is new and more acceptable to the masses. But though men and women seek to change the truth, truth is still “the same old thing.” Truth is absolute. Truth doesn’t change to satisfy the whims of man.

Further, the song states that the trouble with the truth is “its just what I need to hear.” Sometimes we don’t want to hear what we really need to hear, but truth doesn’t make allowances for our reluctance. It may be a patient who doesn’t want to hear the true nature of his illness, or an immoral person who really doesn’t want to repent, or a religionist who is satisfied with his own bran or religion. Regardless of who it is or what the immoral activity may be, truth is just what needs to be heard. We must come to realize that the truth always applies in our lives and to the activities in which we are engaged.

Finally, the song suggests that the trouble with the truth is, “it just won’t let me rest.” Truth makes certain demands upon us. Whether we act according to the truth will determine how we stand on the day of judgment. We can ignore it, we can try to change it, we can compromise it, we can resist it -- but truth is still there. It never goes away and it never gives up. Truth will never be altered or affected by what we do or how we treat it. Unless we heed its prompting, the truth will never let us rest. And unless we heed and obey the truth of the gospel, we will never enter into that rest that God has prepared for the faithful.

That’s the trouble with the truth.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32)