God Is Too Big


"God Is Too Big To Fit Into Just One Religion"

You may have seen the above caption, or one like it, on a bumper sticker or displayed in some other fashion.  I saw it on the bumper of a Jeep in Huntsville this past week as I was coming home from the gospel meeting being conducted on the Madison Academy campus.  That evening Tom Holland presented a lesson entitled, “Who Is A Christian.”  And though his lesson was true to the Bible and extremely edifying, I am sure that the driver of the vehicle displaying this bumper sticker would not have appreciated it.

As I continued on my way home I gave further consideration to that statement.  On the face of it, it seems to attempt to elevate God above the (supposed) “legalistic” view that we must all agree in religion.  (You know, like what Paul told the Corinthians – “that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment” 1 Corinthians 1:10).  Of course, everyone knows that we cannot all agree in religion – or so we are told.

But getting back to the bumper sticker, I realized that, rather than elevating God, this statement seeks to reduce God to something that we can handle.  According to the statement, He fits into our religion rather than our being shaped and patterned after his will.  If we believe differently, that doesn’t matter — I can “fit God in” my religion and you can “fit God in” your religion.  Instantly, religion becomes a convenient thing – I don’t have to change, God changes!

Of course, one immediate problem with this is that it doesn’t sound much like the God that we read about in the Bible.  The God that created all things surely will not be changed to “fit in” with our religious ideas.  The God that revealed in His word what is and is not acceptable to Him will surely not accept anything else simply because we decide and pronounce that God is “too big to fit into just one religion.”

The truth of the matter is that God established and revealed His religion — and it is up to us to accept it and fit ourselves into that religion that is revealed in the scriptures.  It is not that “God is too big to fit into just one religion,” but rather because God is great, we cannot afford to do anything other than “fit ourselves into His religion” and be molded by His will – unless, of course we think that we are too big for God.